Whispers of the Beloved

Look up to the stars
When you seek me in the dark.

Look into your eyes
And find me at the back.

Look for me, O lover!

Though the oceans are wide
And the mountains may divide,

You need not sail far under the open sky,
You need not climb up so high.

You need not sail the seven seas
Or walk the deserts in-between.
Searching as far as your eye sees,
Asking every king and every beautiful queen.

And even if you do
You’ll find me there with you.

Yet I am not there,
Then, you wonder where.
Turn your eyes down here
And you’ll find me everywhere.

Never been far apart,
Always been in your heart.
Whence you always know the mat,
With you I’ll always chat.

Rouse! O lover
from being inert.

— ©️ Mystique


The poem explores the affair between Lover (an ardent worshipper and believer) and Beloved (Allah). It tells of how the Lover’s yearning is in reality, the Beloved’s calling to a loving embrace. He subtly manifests himself in numerous ways and signs for the Lover to recognise and see the essence of existence as knowing (Ma’rifah) Him and loving Him in all ramifications. The poem is inspired by a number of Ahaadeeth Qudsi which talk about Allah’s love and yearning for man to recognise that love and dedicate his entire being to Allah. It climaxes in revealing how The Heart of the Lover is the ‘Home’ of the Beloved and how that is where he needs to look to find Him. The poem is written in the poetic Language of ‘Rumi’ and can be said to be a poetic rendering of Hadeeth literature

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