The Sun and the Moon

The Sun and Moon are part of God’s light; for he created both and knows what purpose they serve.

The sun wakes up shining bright, offering magnificent passionate fiery light.

The moon arrives when the Sun goes to sleep, shining her shimmering night light.

Unlike the Sun, the centre of attraction, her light is less obvious, mellow, relaxed and not noticeable due to the darkness of the night.

The sun creates order, stability, structure and rules. Whilst the moon creates romance, dreams, and a fairy tale.

Both the Sun and Moon have their purpose; to shine their light bright. Yet they never see eye to eye in each others light.

For the Sun can not understand the Moon’s maladroitness; whilst the Moon can not understand the Sun’s absoluteness.

Nature’s natural order is so that neither the Sun or the Moon can ever meet; for they serve the purpose to nourish the Earth with different needs, for different times.

The sun needs to wake people up to offer masculine energy so that they can carry on with their day with motivation and drive; whilst the moon nourishes the souls with feminine energy to help with relaxation and slowing down.

The two simply do not see the world at the same time and therefore, can not see from the same light.

One transmits hot blazing rays during the day, that can burn; whilst the other offers soothing night air. Both are complimentary for surely, whilst one warms up the soul, the other cools it down.

God understood this balance; which is why He created the two different lights but, He also knew they can not be available to offer this light at the same time; for their light together would be too bright.

When light meets light, it attracts like a magnet. Maybe this is what makes the attraction between the Sun and Moon so intense?

Whatever it is, the essence of it is the same; for God created both from his light.

As with everything, it comes in perfect alignment and natural rhythm. God chose to keep them apart, and it is only through His command they would ever rise from the same point.

Our journey here is all about the return to ONENESS. Everything we do must move us out of fragmentation and into ‘Ahad.’ With all the separation outside of us, inside of us all must polarise. With the yin/yang outside of us, inside of us must come together. Only through this does the journey back home begin. Back to Source; back to Allah.

Du’ua therefore is the secret. It holds the key to ONENESS!

This is what yoga means. Union- of Ha and Tha. The union of the Sun and Moon. Merging into ONE.

Back to God.


— Shanti

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