The Key to Opening The Way

We are mindfully aware of the Adorable Reality of Unified Existence; All-Loving Tender Compassion, The Most Benevolent and Merciful Favor and Kindness.

All praise and thanks belong to this Reality of Unified Existence, this Master Cherisher, Nourisher, and Sustainer, by whom we apprehend and are aware of all that is.

All-Loving Tender Compassion, Most Benevolent and Merciful Favor and Kindness;

Master of every moment’s recompense;

By You Alone we come together, and by You Alone we help each other.

Guide us in this way of ease, this way of dignified communion.

The way of those who are joyfully delighting in Your continuously flourishing blessing and favor; not that of those in anger’s displeasure and hot-tempered passions, nor of those who have deviated from the way, and are confounded, perplexed and confused.

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