The Enlightenment

(An Expansion of the Meanings of Surah 86)

By the solace of the darkness,

And The Enlightenment that dispels it;

And what is The Enlightenment that dispels it?

It is an intense brightness piercing the darkness of delusion— a brilliant knowledge apprehended!

Over every soul, It Alone is The Protector.

Behold, O’mankind, and consider patiently and calmly the observations and contemplations of your creation!

Kindly grant respite, as you examine and reflect; and let your reflection be with a dazzling and perplexing affection.

Consider how you are formed in a proper measure and proportion, originated and brought into existence from naught, but a fluid dispelled. And yet, you are made equitable, even and smooth, fitting comfortably with your natural disposition and innate qualities.

From there depart! Extricate thyself from such foul obscenity, and be clear. Resolved and disciplined, train thyself well to discern the light from the darkness, extracting the real from the delusion.

Coming forth from dust, poverty and destitution, make your intimate acquaintance with Mother Earth. Sinking from your wealth, suffering and loss of all else, enter, here and now, the grave of all graves, dying the death of all delusions.

Who is able? Who has the means, the power, and the ability to decree such destiny? By the apprehended knowledge of universal laws and values can such power and majesty be measured. By honoring and glorifying such limits and standards is one able to have the Absolute Alone facilitate such a destiny!

At that Great Time will mindful devotion be tested and proved. The benefits, bounties and favors of each one’s striving will be revealed and made clear. Excessive joy and intense happiness are to be had when these secrets of the hearts and conscience are made manifest before the throne.

There is no other refuge— no other Source of power or help!

This is the significance of the return.

So, sit in patient submission, awaiting the blessing of such abundant prosperity to arise from this relaxed state.

Indeed, as the suggested greeting proclaims, may the Blessing of Peace be upon you!

It is not to be taken lightly.

And yet they desire to elude Us!

But I plan to circumvent their eluding with the gift of My Spirit!

So act gently and softly with them, granting respite to those who are thankless and faithless, having their consciousness covered by darkness. Leave them alone to wander in the darkness of their ideas of freewill for a while.

–12SteppinSufiServant (Formally known as “12SteppinSufi”)

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