The Cleft

(An Expansion of the Meanings of Surah 113)


I seek refuge under the protective wing of my Lord Nourisher, Cherisher and Sustainer;

In the cleft, between the dark and the dawn;

From the obscurity of the darkness—so intense and cold;

The darkness of what He has brought,
And the measure in which He has proportioned, in the creation He has forged;

Acknowledging it as equitable and just, according to my nature;

And from the wicked defamation and fault finding of the viciously evil ones, to whom it spreads;

And from those who whisper evil suggestions and superstitions into the heart and mind;

And from the malicious malignancy of perceived injustice and harmful vice,
As well as the bearing of grudges and the envy of an envier.

–By Kenneth Bickers


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