Only a Sip . . .

He said: “Hi! How is love and poetry?”
I said, “High indeed, I am tonight!”
For I sit on Gaia’s surface; yet in the Oversoul doth my head make me think I dwell.

This love, this poetry;
Oh! Only a sip I thought I took from the Tavern man;
But seemeth it like I swim in barrels of wine.

© Mystique.



A friend of a poet is trying to relate to him, in a tavern. His poet friend seems to be famous for writing about love. But the poet is currently only half-conscious. His mind has travelled to the far beyond.
The poet responds half-mindedly. His thoughts travel to the bottom of profound wells, where his inspirations emerged to write about love. Relishing how he only took a little from the source. But, that little happened to make him burst with ecstatic musings.
The poem carries a lot of esoteric symbolism (High, Gaia, The Oversoul, sip, Tavern, wine). Its understanding isn’t far off, if one is familiar with Rumi of Konya, 12th Century Turkey.

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