Love is my Religion


Love is my religion,
Soothing reassurance from the cosmic pigeon.

To move in ease,
To dance in the fragrance of the breeze.

It is a trial and testing journey,
To be played with grace, humility and a yearning.

Filled with expansions and contractions,
To never give up on improving one’s own actions.

God’s light sent in array,
A confusing joy to deter going astray.

Learning to become invisible, a nothing,
To take life seriously– the jest of life abandoning.

Trusting the process,
Filled with complex spiritual abscess.

Fear of God brought to realisations,
His majesty and power in amplification.

New found heightened belief,
through trials of disbelief.

Dhikr of Allah no longer a word,
‘Allahu Akhbar’ truly stirred.

Seeking mercy and protection from my Lord,
To never lose sight of what he adores.

Despite the challenges, to keep moving toward,
The pursuit of God’s path, the pure and straightforward.


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