Facing Your Ego’s Death

Continuing a rather morbid string of blog posts, I want to talk about ego death. In my ebook, Everyday Spirituality, I essentially outline a gentle way to take apart your ego. At the same, time the concepts in the book are meant to help you create a lighter and more loosely held sense of self–a spiritual ego, if you will. Because anyway you cut it, while you are living in this body, you have a point of view and collected set of experiences that you express as “you.” And that’s okay. It’s just important that you know that you’re doing this and that you can choose to change how you are when it is time to make that shift in yourself.

But before we get there, the original ego that thinks the world revolves around it or that there is no other way of living. The spark of a spiritual opening or an awakening can light a fire under this ego. In awakening, the fire can be so strong that it fissures the ego away from the soul, leaving no doubt about what is real. Everyone experiences this differently, but let’s take some time to talk about what ego death is, how it may feel, and what you can do to move through it.

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