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Beloved Involvement


My Beloved is involved in each and every instant of my life. Whether I realize it or not, His loving care maps every moment, even those which I fail to understand.

The fallen nature of this “dunya,” (this place where we temporarily reside), causes everything to appear to be constantly fraying at the edges. Let me not be surprised if I find trouble here. My beloved allows the appearance of such trouble for my betterment. And how do I know it is for my betterment? By His Grace.

By His Grace my Beloved Has granted me access to his true nature, which is all good, ever-loving and kind. Everything He does blesses me. But, in order to grow my soul He leaves it for me to discover the treasure of how this is so. There is a transcendental perfection in this appearance of such imperfection. It is my praise to my Beloved to identify it!

This is my “taqwa,” my reverence, my consciousness of our God of Mercy– our Lord of Love. This remembrance is a saving grace. As I remain ever-aware of the love of my Beloved, recognizing that not even a single blade of grass could move without His sanction, I am blessed with the vision of His masterful design. By such blessing I am granted a peaceful mind.

As long as I am conscious of Him, He will lovingly guide my steps and order my way. He will do this regardless of whether I am aware of it. But if I am not there with Him in appreciation of his doings, of what benefit are they to me? So, I pray and supplicate this very same Lord of Love and Light to enlighten my soul, that I may appreciate His embrace! Thus his Love-Light shines brightly from my heart, lighting my way and giving me a joy and peace that far surpasses these temporal surroundings. O’what a blessing I have found in YOU, MY BELOVED!

— 12SteppinSufi


  1. This is so beautiful and so profound…You go into depth with so much ease…You are blessed beyond words, and bless us with such eloquence in your words☺️…

    Would love to read more as I have become a student on the journey of words n emotions…Allah keep you in His care and grant you more expansion…

  2. Thank you so much, sister! You are very kind.
    I apologize for the delay. I just noticed this comment from a couple of months ago. I wanted to let you know how much it is appreciated!
    You can find more like this here:

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