Al-Quran – 2:1-5 An Expanded Understanding

Aleef Laam Meem

That this is the Revealed Book of Guidance, there is no doubt; nor is there even a bit of doubt or suspicion in it. It is a clear and direct guide to the right course– The Way of God Consciousness (Full Awareness)– a gift to protect against evil and ward off all calamity; a shield for one’s duty to those who believe without seeing.

Believing in what is beyond ordinary human perception, having become satisfied, (tranquil in their hearts and quiet in their minds), free of the expectancy of evil, dislike or hatred, faithful and confident in their assurance of safety; they practice routinely aligning and abiding in conscious contact with Us, and out of Our sustenance spend, both materially and spiritually, in Our Way.

And they are those who believe, trust in and have confidence in what is prepared as a gift here and now to you, and what was given from before, and what is deferred or delayed. Of the life which is to come they are certainly assured.

Those are on the right course of guidance, a way full of Awareness of Allah, a gift from their Lord, Cherisher and Sustainer; those are the ones who truly cultivate success, prosperity, felicity, good fortune and a blissful eternal happiness, (free from fear, grief and anxiety)!


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